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Training and Professional Learning

Three institutions (Cnam, AgroSup Dijon and ENSTA Bretagne) manage the Training and Professional Learning research unit (UR Formations et Apprentissages Professionels).

This research unit focuses its work around professional training, new and innovative training means and methods and professionalization.

Its main goal: to produce knowledge around designing teaching methods, to share knowledge on innovation within the learning field, on identity conception and on the link between professional training and professional activities.

Research within this unit is split into three fields:

  • Designing courses and teaching methods
  • Identity transformation and training courses
  • Professional learning and course spaces


Training and Professional Learning Research Unit's Website

Partner institutions

Key figures:

  • 42 researchers, research-professors, engineers and technician. Of which, 13 are from AgroSup Dijon
  • Managed by : AgroSup Dijon, CNAM, ENSTA Bretagne and UBFC
  • 5 theses defended in 2020
  • 11 firstclass publications in 2020
  • 2 books published in 2020